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Monday 19 August 2002

What can I do to make it a better life here?

Once upon a tim I was reading about some discussion on what was spiritual and what was not on the Focusing list.  In keeping with KISS, Keep It Simple Sunshine, I view everything as spiritual, with just different separations from our lord most high within.  Those separations are the separation that we make.  Since those separations we make are our separations, we can un make them, we can let them go.

Another related discussion was about whether we can rely on our feelings for taking action.  Again, in keeping with the KISS process, I can only take safe action on my feelings when I have allowed my feeling to resolve themselves into peaceful feelings.  That is not to say that when I am feeling fear or worse, I am not allowing my energy of fear or worse to show me the ways to safety.  In fact listening to our energy of fear and terror is very wise.  Letting our pains move us to show us how to let them go is very wise.  

I am just saying that "focusing" is just another process of working through our feelings, until we reach resolution and peace.  I only do safe things, when I am at peace and, have resolved my conflicts.

Tuesday 20 August 2002

The Good Life is working towards peace.

It is wonderful when those that live with you, agree on your life goals and mission.  It is wonderful to find support in you own home.  In fact it is wonderful when you can have the same vision of you time together, so that you are creating that time together more powerfully.

When the people in your home are those that want different things and have a need to be right, what to do?  What if you have to get on with your goals and mission and vision in spite of them?

Even JC did not have full support for his mission from his family.  He was learning in the temple at an early age in spite of his family, where he said that his family was those that supported his mission.  [Mark 3:31-35]

What JC did was find 12 new people to be his family.  We can do the same.  We can find those that are supportive of our dreams for our life as we are supportive of their dreams for their lives.  God already is supportive.  What we all could do is to let God show us our support team and those that we are the support for, our spiritual family.

It can be wonderful, when it is your present community and family, but some of us may have to find our community and family of choice to get on with God's mission for our lives.

When your family is not supportive of you; you can still be supportive of their health, wealth, happiness and visions.

When your communities are not supportive of you; you can still be supportive of their health, wealth, happiness and visions.

Over time your family and communities, will become more supportive of your health, wealth, happiness and visions.  In fact, in your family and communities of choice you can hold the vision of your own families and communities supporting your vision. That will facilitate the process of your families and communities becoming more supportive faster.

Wednesday 21 August 2002

The Good Life is about finding how to reduce negativity and increase spirit.

We are making more enemies than friends over threatening to invade Iraq, we made more enemies than friends over rejecting the Koyoto, and we made more enemies than friends over sending billions to Israel and none to Palestine.  It is harder to find peace with more enemies than friends.

My suggestion for Koyoto is here.  My suggestion for more peace in the mideast and Iraq is here.  

Peace is not always about taking sides.  Peace is about finding any side, that brings peace.  It depends on the state of who you are dealing with.

In WW II we were facing a really large axis of evil in Japan, Germany and Italy.  Japan wanted to control Asia and did not want peace.  Germany wanted to control Europe and did not want peace.  Italy just wanted a piece of the action.  Appeasement did not work with Germany.  Their madness had to run its course.

Our treatment of them after the war was critical to their recovery.  Now, we need to deal with them coming from peace.

In India, Ghandi was able to use peaceful resistance, because the British also wanted an Empire, but not enough to beat up peaceful people.  Especially, since there were other leaders preaching violent resistance.  In the USA, King was able to use peaceful resistance, because most Americans did not want to beat up on peaceful people.  Especially, since there were other leaders preaching violent resistance.  Again, it depends on the state of who you are dealing with.

With China, we got on our road to recovery by Nixon acting like a Statesman.  With Russia, we got on our road to recovery by Reagan building up our shields, yet being open to working towards peace.

I wonder when and how we will find our way back to our road to recovery this time.

Thursday 22 August 2002

The Good Life is learning how life works.

The law of grace did not repeal the law of karma.  We still reap what we sow.  But the law of grace did repeal the law of perfection, where all Israel would suffer for the small imperfections.  The law of grace did repeal the wrath of the God of the Old Testament.

Friday 23 August 2002

The Good Life is about learning as you go.

Someone asked about what to do about someone they fell in love with.

Dear -----,

What if the beauty you see in her and good things she brings out in you, are in you all along? What if she just represents them to you? What if you are resonating with what you perceive in her that is in you?

Just realizing that these good things are in you, can make space to allow them to grow up in you. You can just enjoy your feelings as they change to something better.

There is a difference in falling in love and growing in love. When we fall, we later realize we fell, and can be somewhat disappointed. We have to be careful for what we wish for, because it may not be what we really want. When we are friends first and slowly grow in love, we learn to accept the imperfections that are in all of us and love more in spite of them.

We play funny tricks on ourselves. We find people around us to reflect back our best, and our worst.

What could happen when you slowed down and took baby steps towards becoming a friend of all in the social group, over time?

What could happen when you tell god that you want a loving relationship with her or something better for the highest good of all concerned?

Very Respectfully,


----- Original Message -----

From: -----


Sent: Sunday, August 18, 2002 4:08 PM

Subject: kindly advise

Dear michael

I need some advice. i need some wise advise. i hope you would kindly reply.

I went to university in singapore. I met a girl whom i fell deeply in love with. She so beautiful. Shes the most adorable and beautiful girl i have ever met. She is the girl in my life i truly fell so deeply for. I love her. I want to marry her. i love her. When i saw a photograph of her , i cried cause she so beautiful. I love her every single fiber of her, i love her for who she is. I love the way she smiles, moves. I love her when shes happy and when shes depress. I want to be the shoulder for her to lean on and cry when she needs to. I want to be with her. I feel deeply happy when i am with her. I am attracted to her on so many levels. She is doing a course on social work. her values are so congruent with mine. She so perfect for me. The only problem in reply to my slight pursue of calling her a few times and messaging her a bit, and obviously looking at her in a more than platonic way. she email me that she does not feel the same way about me and she hope i will continue to go to the social group which we hang out in. She said she did not know how to handle the situation and fear she may have lead me on and did not want to give me any hope. I reply with truest feelings about her because i sense abit of uncertainty on her part and assured that the reason i wasnt hanging out as much was because i got stuff in my life to sort out that she was not to feel guilty. i asked her if she would accept the cd i bought for her if it was a gift from a friend. i told her i felt a connection and if it did not work out i love to be close friends with her.

I still love her terribly so. I fell in love. i need her, i want to be the man to make her happy.

Can you give me some advice. I know there are stuff in life most important i thought just now like my spiritual life.

i dont think i can love another girl as much as i love her. I am completely honest in the letter i wrote her completely but feelings are feelings i cant block them or deny them , i wish i could. maybe she doent know who i really am. She makes me want to be a better man, she inspires me. she make me feel soft. Shes the first girl i ever cried for. I would really cry if only my heart would permit me. I think about her every night. I have fantasies of how much we can become together. how much love there would be. Why does god play such funny tricks on us. to put a girl so perfect so beautiful so right as to make it so far away.

please really do advice. Is there anymore hope? I will continue to pursue her in my own heart and soul, how , i will strive to be more beautiful, to be a better man, to grow.



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