I am a recovered bipolar.  I have a daily recovery and discovery skills coach's hint at https://www.recoverybydiscovery.com/   I am interested in anyone adding links.    I am interested in networking with any other recovered bipolars.  I also coach recovery skills over the phone for some bipolars.  I also coach others in improving their relationships and their spiritual health, wealth and happiness.

I am interested in bipolar recovery, because when it goes well, it is part of a spiritual birth and growth process. Some births are difficult and there can be growing pains and our other end of our spectrum is orgasmic.  

1. I liked the format and information at http://www.chinspirations.com/mhsourcepage/.

2.  Send me any links you find helpful along with your comments for above list.  See webring below.  Also include ADD and Autistic links since there are links between ADD and bipolar.

3.  I like to call ADD Attention Deciding Difference and to use the metaphor of Warrior or Hunter for the ADD part of us all.

4.  http://bipolar.miningco.com/ has a new bipolar guide.  Mining Company has some good work done there.

5.  http://www.geocities.com/HotSprings/Spa/3247/index.html has a guide to bipolar and related illnesses with a mother concerned about special kids.  Good Work.

6. http://www.mental-health-matters.com/ is a good place to expand into the mental health and bipolar information.  Especially check out the patient's rights links on http://www.mental-health-matters.com/advocacy/rights.php.

7. http://www.thefamily.net/shrink/ has a lot of relevant links along with http://www.thewritebrain.org/thow9903.html where "Success Stories" is a good place to start.

8. http://www.suite101.com/ in mental health had some good information on mental illness.


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