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How did I come to write this electronic booklet?

First a short version of my story.  I was good at science, counseling and teaching as a high school student, but I was too shy to go into teaching and counseling.

I decided I would have to solve my shyness problem before I could assist others.  I searched to discover how to recover from my shyness at the Long Beach California Main Library.  I could find no wisdom there of any use to me.  So I gave up, and then two things showed up at my high school.  A recruiter for the Marine Reserves and an Engineering Co-op Program for the Long Beach Naval Shipyard.

I did not realize until later that these were all parts of my answers to my quests.  I had also wanted to find out why I had no second wind and was deaf in my left ear.  The Marines taught me more about speaking up for myself and challenged my hearing and short windedness.

I continued to push myself into more responsible positions where I had to speak up for myself and others.  Everything was going well until I had a series of more difficult bosses and a difficult personal life. When I hit my personal bottom, I decided to go to a two week program to discover my missing assertiveness and my missing second wind.  I found my assertiveness and my second wind and my answers to my questions returning in the form of my returning whirlwind of energy.  It took me seven years to integrate my returning dis associated energies in my difficult second spiritual birth.  I found that I had lost my energies and hearing when I was wounded by forcepts in my difficult first birth.  In recovering, I discovered some of the ways that recovering works.  That is why I call my coaching business "Recovery by Discovery".

The good news is that I am a new person.  The other good news is that I still need to continue to grow and learn more like everyone else.

Then one day at a men's meeting at church the next subject was going to be "anger". I mentioned that I was planning to write a thesis on the subject of anger.  I had discovered how anger is such a great opportunity to transform negativity into positivity.

Now you can choose to use me as a source of recovery information that may work as well for you.  I would have really appreciated a source of information to give me more perspective on where I was on my recovery road and how to get up the recovery road better.

This book is no substitute for a professional therapist or doctor.  You can hire me as your coach when you are interested.  

When you are interested in more of the details of my life experiences, you can order my current autobiography at the end of this booklet.  In there I have the many coaches that assisted me.


Healing your hurts requires that you learn how to transform your hurts.  If you are hurting your self and or others, you and or they have a difference between what you have and what you want. That is also my definition of anger.  When you have a difference between what you have and what you want you generate energy to get what you want.  When you block yourself from getting what you want, you experience forms of pain.  Energy going through a block causes pain.  That is a form of grieving not getting what you want.  You could let your energy heal you like little kids that get over their hurt fast.  Some forms of pain are putting some of the energy into our unconscious baggage so that we can experience the pain later.  Now we are in our pain later.

You can start right now to transorm your anger right now by accepting that blockage of your anger is your root source of you hurts.  You can begin your recovery by saying:  "I am gently removing my blocks to my energy by learning how to forgive myself."  You can get out of your denial by saying:  "I am a recovering rageaholic."  What human being is not.

How many times to say these affirmations?  As many times as it takes.  You can start with seven times.  The first time has the power of one.  The second time has the power of two.  The third time has the power of four.  The fourth time has the power of eight  The fifth time has the power of sixteen. The sixth time has the power of thirty two.  The seventh time has the power of sixty four.  The sum of the power is one hundred and twenty seven.  Each time you double the power of the affirmation.  At the seventh time you are at 127% of your first affirmation.  It goes like this:  1 + 2 + 4 + 8 + 16 + 32 + 64 = 127 

The largest challenge that mankind and womankind are facing is their corrosive anger.  Corrosive Anger is unhealthy anger.  The remainder of this electronic booklet will tell you how you can choose to transform your corrosive anger into authentic anger to live the life of your dreams of more health, wealth, and happiness.  How ready are you to find out how to transform your anger?  Authentic anger is healthy anger.  The wise use of our authentic anger is what can produce a Garden of Eden on our planet.

Legal Stuff  

I make no representations or warranties as to the accuracy of any of the information or fitness for any particular purpose of this electronic booklet.  It is the responsibility of the user to decide if this booklet will work for them and to check out what does work for them.  One of the premises of my booklet is that we are totally responsible for our own results from our decisions.  In no event shall I have any liability to any party for special, incidental, tort, or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with any concept or assertion in this electronic booklet, even if I have been advised of the possibility of such damages.  

By using this electronic booklet you are accepting all responsibilities for your own results.  My responsibility is to write what I know has worked for me and others I have coached.  There is no way for me to know what will work best for you, my reader, since everyone is unique.  It is up to you, my reader, to find what works best for yourself.

This booklet is no substitute for a professional therapist or doctor or other officially recognized professional.  You can hire me as your coach when you are interested.  Your results are guaranteed when you intend to get to your results in spite of your obstacles, when you identify and remove your blocks to your results, when you take your easy steps towards your results, and when you only pay and work with me as you continue to make progress to your own results.  

Copyright 1996,7 Michael Foster, M.A.