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I still support Bush............. he has a lot of letover s h - -

from the Bill Clinton Administration. Sorry but he is

still the man for me..... don't see any Democrats or anyone

else out there worth looking at.

Bush went to Iraq to save them from coming here to our

country and destroying us. Too bad we didn't get the support

from our own people or other nations.



I understand, about half my country supports Mister Bush,

and I am fine with both parts of my country. From my

point of view, I am everyone's friend, whether they

are mine or not. I would really be surprised if many

had my point of view. I know very few that come close.

That is true of most of us. We are all doing the best

that we can, even Bush, with what we are unconscious of.

All Presidents have leftover sh-- from the previous

Administration[s]. For example, the next President, will

have to reduce and or handle Bush's half a trillion debt, that

Bush created just for his getting even with Saddam in Iraq.

In the end, we all are going to pay for our recovery and

the unexpected consequences of lowering our standards.

Did you know that Saddam was accused of sending a bomb

after Bush's dad and mom in Kuwait? Did you know that

Bush is known for holding a lot of deep grudges and getting

back? He may need to try that Compassionate Christian forgiving

thing. Did you know that Bush used the f--- word about Saddam

and Bush had the arrogance to tell Kerry that he should not use

that word about the Bush?

If I was President, I would have AT LEAST asked the UN

inspector[s] if Iraq was really a threat to the US. Scott

Ritter asked Israel's intelligence and found they were

a low threat to Israel. I would have asked WHY my State

and War departments had opposite views. I would not

have been blinded by my HATE of SADDAM and the LUST

for world domination by Bush's NeoCons.

I knew we were going to do Bush's Blunder, no matter

what, a year before. His administration was letting contracts

in preparation then. I heard Scott Ritter, the previous UN

inspector speak in November 2002, before Bush's pre emptive

war. I do not like letting the pre emptive war Pandora out

of the box. Russia and Israel are already following Bush's


Check out: http://www.sass.caltech.edu/events/ritter.shtml

when you want to hear Ritter's speach. He was a US Marine,

Republican, and voted for Bush and had heartburn from Clinton

on Iraq, until he saw the light. This is the introduction to his speach

in November 2002:

"In 1998, Scott Ritter resigned his post as chief weapons inspector for the UN Special Commission (UNSCOM) in Iraq, charging that the United States was purposefully obstructing the completion of the UNSCOM mission. Weapons inspectors have not returned to Iraq since, and the threat of unfound or newly constructed weapons of mass destruction forms the basis for the Bush administration's argument that the United States should again wage war on Iraq.

Ritter, a former Marine intelligence officer and author of the book Endgame: Solving the Iraq Problem Once and For All, believes this war is already in the making.

But is a new war against Iraq justified? Ritter does not think so. Despite UNSCOM's unfinished mission and suspect Iraqi accounts, Ritter believes that the UN inspectors destroyed 90-95% of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction in the seven years they spent there. He also argues that it would be impossible for Iraq to build new weapons in the three years since inspectors left, without being detected. In a September address to the Iraqi parliament he said, "The rhetoric of fear that is disseminated by my government and others has not to date been backed up by hard facts that substantiate any allegations that Iraq is today in possession of weapons of mass destruction."

If these allegations are false, the real impetus behind the Bush administration's call to war seems harder to fathom. With his experience relating to the previous Clinton and senior Bush administrations, Ritter hopes to offer his insight on what this impetus might be."

I see now that Bush Jr. cut taxes and got Saddam for Daddy,

"No more Taxes", Sr.; and Mommie. The rest of us do not count.

When I saw that Bush Jr. was going ahead no matter what,

I looked up his opposition on line. I found that Dr. Howard Dean

was the only one speaking out and making more sense. No one

makes perfect sense, I just look for something better, for the

highest good of all concerned. Amazing, a Democrat speaking for

fiscal responsibility and more realistic world views.

We then went to a Dean meetup and met a former resident of

Vermont that was estatic about her former Governor improving

her state. Then we met a former Texas resident that said that

Governor Bush "f----- up her state".

We did not get support for Bush's personal war from the

major players, because too many people saw that Iraq was

not really a threat and that real inspections were actually

working. Bush's "Coalition" has a lot of countries that he

paid to support him. Reminds me of the British paying the

Hessions in our War of Independence. The run up to Bush's

personal war now sounds and looks foolish. That is why

they now keep the fear pump pumping, to avoid our people

becoming rational. When you look at it peacefully and

rationally, Bush has done more to destroy our treasure,

our sanity, and our honor, than Saddam, or even Osama could.

If Osama listed the things that he most likely prayed that Bush

would do, he would get near 100%. If Bush listed the things

that he most likely prayed that Osama would do, he would

get close to 0% on what he prayed

God loves us all, but He has to be laughing at how foolish

we all are.  I see His point.




Jesus does not hate the Prince of Pre Emptive War.

It is just that Jesus, nor the awake Jesus in us, can not be conned by the Prince of Pre Emptive War or the NeoCons.

It is just that Bush's Blunder in Iraq was a step towards Hell and a step away from Eden.

It is just that Bush's expanding government and their debts will come at a time when there are less grandchildren to pay them.

It is just that Bush is missing our opportunity to shift to a renewable energy economy while we had the oil and money to convert.

It is just that Bush ...




I know, he and I do not fully know what we do.