Type 5


Type 6


Type 7


Type 8


Type 9


Type 1


Type 2


Type 3


Type 4


Level 1


I am Understanding & Discovering I am Courageous & Self-Affirming I am Grateful & Assimilating I am Magnanimous & Self-Restrained I am Fulfilled & Self-Possessed I am Tolerant & Discerning I am Altruistic & Detached I am Genuine & Self-Accepting I am Creative & Self-Renewing
Level 2

Sense of Self

I am Perceptive & Observing I am Likable & Emotionally Engaged I am Happy & Responsive I am Strong & Self-Assertive I am Peaceful & Receptive I am Reasonable & Rational I am Caring & Empathic I am Desirable & Adaptable I am Intuitive & Self-Aware
Level 3

Social Values

I had Knowledge &


I had Commitment & Cooperation I had Practicality &


I had Authority & Leadership I had Stability & Nurturance I had Principles & Objectivity I had Generosity & was of Service I had Ambition & Self-Development I had Individuality &


Level 4


I was endlessly analyzing everything I was becoming dependent on others I was allowing acquisitiveness to increase I was pursuing only self-interest I was becoming too accommodating I was constantly feeling personal obligations I was thinking I was only well intentioned I was always competing with others for superiority I was constantly living in my imagination
Level 5

Interpersonal Control

I was Preoccupied & Detached I was Ambivalent & Evasive I was Uninhibited & Hyperactive I was Expansive & Dominate I was Disengaged & Passive I was Emotionally Controlling & Rigidly Orderly I was Intrusive & Possessive I was Calculating & Projecting Images I was Self-Absorptive & Withdrawn
Level 6

Over Compensation

I had Extremism & was Contentious I was Rebellious & Authoritarian I had Insatiability & was Excessive I had Willfulness & was Combative I had Resignation & was Fatalistic I was Perfectionistic & Dogmatic I was Self-Importance & Indispensable I was Narcissistic & Arrogant I was Self-Pitying & Self-Indulgence
Level 7


I was Rejecting & Isolating from Others I was Self-Disparaging & Dependent on Others I was Impulsive & Abusive To Others I was Ruthless & Violent To Others I was Repressed & Neglectful of Others I was Self-Righteous & Intolerant of Others I was Self-Deceptive & Manipulative of Others I was Hostile & Exploitative of Others I was Self-Inhibitive & Alienative of Others
Level 8

Delusions & Compulsions

I had Paranoia & Phobias I had Overreactions & Irrational Behavior I had Manias & Erratic Behavior I had Megalomania & Overextension I had Dissociation & Disorientation I had Obsessions & Compulsive Contradictions I had Entitlement & was Coerciveness I had Malice & Duplicity I had Self-Hatred & Emotional Torment
Level 9

Pathological Destruction

I was Psychotic & had Deranged Behavior I was Self-Defeating & had Masochistic Behavior I had Panic Attacks & Hysterical Behavior I was Vengeful & had Antisocial Behavior I was Emotionally Broken & had Depersonalized Behavior I was Punitive & had Retributive Behavior I was Converting my Reactions & had Psychosomatic Problems I was Sadistic & had Psychopathic Behavior I was Self- Destructive & had Suicidal Behavior

Modified from Understanding the Enneagram by Don Riso


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