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1.  I am appreciating assistance in discovering the most time and cost effective long term doctorate program in spiritual psychology that is in alignment with my pages here.  This is a long term goal.  I also would like to then turn my doctor's thesis into book[s] or vice versa. 

I do not need a resident school program, because of the depth of resident experience I had in my masters program at the University of Santa Monica.  I found out about the USM program by listening to Doctors that were already practicing that said they finally learned HOW to practice when they went to USM.  So, I decided to learn HOW to practice first.  

Now, I am interested in my next degree to improve my skills depth and to write a thesis and be able to put some form of Dr. on my books.  The one that seemed to fit the best so far is the "American Institute Of Holistic Theology" where they have a Doctor of Divinity that one can get first and then transfer credits towards their deeper program in Doctor of Philosophy in Metaphysics.  But then, they changed their program.  So, I am still wondering where.  I am appreciating becoming more efficient at what I am doing, and dropping what I do not need to do, so I can start this program when the lord most high within determines it is time.

2.  I am appreciating assistance in working with anyone who is interested in using my version of recovery processes in any "Game of Life" computer games.  Someone showed up that is going to school where they are learning how to make these games.  They were assisting in designing our game processes for a 50% share of the profits our Universe provides.  They are probably tied up just doing school. So, I am still looking for someone that is interested in getting warm feelings for assisting our world in becoming a better place.  

3.  I am appreciating assistance in discovering others that had mystical positive experiences as a part of their illness recovery process that they have integrated positively into their new life.  I am appreciating discovering others that want to contribute or link their success stories of their recoveries.  I have found some that know something about a spiritual recovery process called "Kundalini".  I feel it is more important to look at what works than what does not work.

4.  I am appreciating any assistance in discovering any cost effective service to take small credit card charges for me or to outlets on line to merchandise my low cost information, as I develop more information.  Small businesses that are starting out, do not need a full blown credit card processing capability.  This is a great business for someone to start because there is so little available so far.

Tell me what else you are finding.

5.  I am appreciating the assistance from any agents that are loving finding a few appropriate players that want to use a coach like me.  I am gratefully paying 10% of any fees paid by these players for the first year.  I have to warn any of my agents, that players that are really ready to work with me can take less than a year.  Many people only see a coach for a short term for their immediate challenge.  Longer term coaching is more effective to keep on track for major life changes.  

6.  I am appreciating any assistance in discovering any honest and cost effective 900 Number services.  I want to make my information available cost effectively.  I want to make my personal services available for the precious few that want to work with me directly.  I recently found  What are the alternatives.

7.  I am appreciating any assistance getting more exposure or outlets for my weekly column, like syndication..

8.  I appreciate moving to where we have cable modem access to our internet.  Any cost effective bandwidth improvements are appreciated.  

9.  I appreciated having found a cost effective host for my pages with my own addresses at on  Anything better for the higher good of all concerned are appreciated.  

10.  I am learning a cost effective program that helps me write programs to turn my spreadsheet subprograms on teamworking into stand alone tools.   I am open to any other new cost effective tools.  I am learning some about Visual Basic 6.0 at this time.  

11.  I found a cost effective OCR and document management program in Pagis Pro 2.0.  Unfortunately they did not update it for windows ME.  I may have to dual boot to keep using it and or wait for the next version of Windows that is suppost to handle that challenge..

12.  I appreciated finding a used or new copy of the book "New Ways of Managing Conflict" by the Likerts.  I now have a copy in my library.

13.  I am appreciating finding some people that are interested in translating the Bible by going back to the hebrew and greek using Strong's and Strong's numbers and waiting for inspiration from the Holy Spirit.

14.  I am appreciating these or anything better for the highest good of all concerned.

Send Any Assistance Information so that I can appreciate you to: Michael Foster, M. A.


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