Confused, Challenged, Unhappy, Upset? Ready to Risk? Ready to Change?

I know that it is possible, because I'm a recovered shy and a recovered bipolar person and I am continuing to improve. I know it is possible because I have watched myself, my clients, my friends, and my classmates continue to improve.

If you are interested in more peace, health, abundance, and happiness in your life, you will need more skills than you have so far. My coaching is about improving your TQL* skills and bringing out your inner resources. Some of the TQL* skills I teach come from:

Spiritual Psychology

Focusing on Your Felt Sense

Archetypes Transformation Therapy Reality Therapy

Practical Recovery Wisdom

Neural Linguistic Programming

Gestalt Therapy

Person Centered Therapy

Inner Child Therapy

Total Quality Leadership Processes

Psycho Synthesis

Rational Emotive Therapy

Spiritual Energy Balancing

Anger Transformation

* TQL = Total Quality Life

When you are ready to see how TQL* concepts and processes work, Then.....

Call phone NOW for an appointment. Get acquainted by phone for free. Then coaching in person or by phone can work wonders. Every second session is free when you complete the easy action steps you committed to do.

I am also available for a local free evening presentation on "My Road from Shyness to Assertiveness" with your organization until further notice.

For any information about me you can call at phone, send e-mail to Coachemail and check my information on the Internet at:

Recovery by Discovery

Michael Foster, M. A.

Recovery by Discovery





Learn How to Let the Miracles Happen.


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