Burnt-out, Confused, Challenged, Unhappy, Upset Team? Ready to Risk? Ready to Change?

Interested in More Productivity?

Interested In Recovery?

Gratitude Guaranteed

Challenges are solved by learning new TQL* skills to take advantage of all your past training. Your team already has their inner resources within them, to improve their TQL* skills. We can work together to any depth desired to enrich our skills.

I know that it is possible, because I've been a team leader that led several programs to recovery.

If you are interested in more productivity and quality of life, you will need more skills than you have so far. My coaching is about improving your team working TQL* skills. I can present my simple concepts in a get acquainted seminar for a day. I can then have a private session with each team member to really listen to what really turns them on and upsets them. We can talk about where your team members really want to go and how they want to get there. We can talk about simple ways to clear their upsets, so that they can take more positive actions. I can repeat my process seven times and measure progress as we work together.

* TQL = Total Quality Living

When you have decided to see how we can work together, Then.....

Call Michael Foster at phone NOW for an appointment. Your first get acquainted session to establish our team program is free. Every second session afterwards is free after our team completes the action steps we committed to do and we provide the simple data for our outcome research.

I am also available for a local free evening presentation to your team on "My Road from Shyness to Assertiveness"

For additional information about your Coach you can find my pages at https://www.recoverybydiscovery.com

Happiness is a Happy Team Because it Works.


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