Opening The Windows Within  I am listed in this book's acknowledgments, as one of the author's friends. So, I was privileged to watch, and talk about David's whole creation process, in writing his first book. David could have written another book, about how, he arrived at his levels of thinking, in this inspirational book.  You could choose to upgrade your levels of thinking, by just thinking, about what David has written in his book. How could that be? Because, you will be getting in tune with the source of clear thinking, that David was in tune with.  Example: “Powerful new thoughts learned in a single moment can have a profound and lasting effect on a person's perspective forever.” pg 54.  

To get an idea of the range of ideas and thinking inside David's book, you could click on the cover of the book when you click on the book title above, and then on the Table of Contents, with the wide range of organized thoughts.  The most valuable things I have learned in 7 decades, are perspectives. Each chapter is about perspectives. David even has a sub chapter on “perspective”. When you read about all these perspectives, you could find your own new perspectives and your own new thinking.  *******

God's Comfort Food for New Beginnings with sayings selected by Kimberley Converse.  The verses from various versions of the Holy Bible were selected by Kimberley Converse.  She also selected quotes from a wide variety of sources that essentially said the same things.  The selections are indeed comforting words.  The comforting source of the comforting words is what is in common.  This book is published in an attractive form and will indeed give comfort to many.   Perhaps, even a relationship with the Comforter.  ******

Closer To The Light, Learning from the Near-Death Experineces of Children, is a wonderful book that can bring much comfort to those that need more evidence how life really is and how God is.  It is about the honesty of children on how we are wired for the comfort of God.  It is about how we need to better treat people in hospitals as they face going closer to the light.  *******


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04 May 2011