Conflict Resolution Consultant

When things are going well enough, God bless you,

when they are not, you can learn how to improve!

Do you have problems with productivity and or conflicts?

When you are having EEO problems,

I talk with everyone and foster teamworking, understanding, and personal growth.  

I can follow this up with presentations on teamworking,

resolving anger and more effective ways for everyone to get what they want.

When you are just interested in improving your team efficiency and effectivity,

I can make a presentation on teamworking with a simple tool to foster teamworking,

efficiency, and effectivity of teams.  

I follow this up with talking with everyone and accessing how things are going,

until you are grateful for how they are going.

I have a listening ear to help some find their peace when some are upset.  
I have questions that help you find your own answers when you want to find your solutions.
Are you are ready to work on the team of your dreams?
I can help you to start taking easy steps towards your dreams.
Interested or know someone interested?
Call 868-2532, that's TOTAL-DC, or Call 301-868-6749

for an appointment to see how we can enjoy working together.


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