It is 2030 and they are celebrating Gullible Day that was declared in 2025.

One of Our Future Energy Visions:

There are millions of farms, like this one, that were developed, by those interested in their future, and the future of all of us.  They too, caught the same vision. 

They are running giant windmills, spaced to maximize their capture of the energy in the wind.

They invested in their windmills, to provide most of their local electricity for most of the day.

They are selling their surplus electrical energy to the local grid.  Huray, Yahoo, for our past investment in our rural electricity grid.

They are growing organic oil plants like soybeans, peanuts and others that grow best in their area as a first priority.

They are using their own electricity to press their own oil from their seeds.

They are using their pressed seeds for animal feed and other uses.

They are using their animal wastes to produce methane to cook and to generate more energy when they need it.

They are using their energy to drill for water and to pump water.

They are using their own pressed oil to run their own diesel farm machines.

They are selling their surplus oil to run our machines and make our plastics and other products.

They are growing the most cost effective and ecologically effective plants.

The buildings are energy efficient designs like these at

They are using energy efficient appliances like this good idea for more efficient vacuum cleaners at [063004]

There is not as much need to go into cities as entertainment and communications use wideband digital and high definition displays.

They are still trying to make solar cells more cost effective.  They finally caught on to the hydra headed hydrogen hoax that tried to con a nation.  They are still trying to make fuel cells more cost effective.  Some dreams die hard and who knows, someone may find a breadthrough.  Of course with hydrogen, they would have to repeal the laws of physics and the laws of economics!


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