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On my page of free stuff, I write about how the Internet is becoming an advertiser supported medium. You may have read about "free PC's" and "ISP's that will pay for your PC. These are all ad supported concepts. Advertisers are willing to pay, to be paid attention to, and their agents are willing to pay you, to pay attention. So, I am collecting some of these offers for cash, on this page. These offers are really about win win. These companies are willing to share the profits. That is a concept that the web will foster. You see, it is more cost effective to get advertising to you this way than by sending out regular mail. You win in the long run, by becoming more informed on the things that you are interested in.  However, do not expect to be paid much, the low hanging fruit has been picked and now we are harvesting highter in the web tree.

At you can be paid $5 just to sign up and $5 for each referral you make and I will get $5 for this referal after someone is fully registered.  It would be a better idea to sign up today, before they drop paying us.  They have a new way to get paid easily and safely.  I wish them well as they are out in front in the online banking space, from my perspective.

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You can get paid to surf the Net!

Get Paid to read your E-Mail

Get Paid by About Com

Get Paid by no longer available.  They had some interesting language tools.  09.12.2001

Get Paid by DesktopDollars for using your computer.

Get Paid to Publish On Line

FatBrain.Com offered to pay 50% royalities for your programs and publications. They offered to pay 70% when you are an affiliate and you pay $1 a month to publish your information.  This appears to have transformed to corporate publishing.  They recently cancelled their affiliate program in February 2002 when they were bought out by Barnes and Nobel.  I published at and they went out of business before paying their promised 10 cents for each page view, for information that I published.

You could have Got Paid to Surf the Net and to use a "Free" PC. I was getting paid the equivalent of about $2 per hour, since they sent me a Compaq 5301.  Then, their offer was withdrawn, when they became a part of e-machines. On 2.2.00 they terminated their program and transferred title of the Compaq to me.  I now have a warm spot in my heart for e-machines and my free Compaq 5301.  My daughter got an e-machine that still works well as a part of the "free" pc, where she just paid for the ISP.

Get Paid to Surf the net with another watcher ad program.

When you have a web site, you may want to get paid for links to places that you like.

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