WEALTH.  Several people wrote on their needs for more dollar resources.   I always thought a rich person was one who spent less than they had and a poor person was one who spent more than they had.  So someone with a position that does not pay much may be richer than someone in a position that pays much more.  I have always been amazed at how our society has kept so many poor by the borrowing cults that get money from rich lending cults.

I knew a minister that was poor when they were in the ministry.  Later, they were poor when they were making three times the average social worker when they sold cars.  They still spent more than they had.  They still borrowed and went into debt.  Interestingly they probably did more social ministry selling cars than they did in their church.  Although they did not do much ministry for recovering from debt.  So, if someone is poor in social work, I would not be surprised if they would still be poor as a CEO or whatever, because they would be using the same skills.  We do better when we learn better.

The wealth of our world is at risk.  There is a hydrogen cult that believes in pseudo science that real science does not back up.  Please read:  The Hype About Hydrogen: Fact and Fiction in the Race to Save the Climate.   

There are ways to find more wealth.  One of the best books I have found on the subject of learning better how to become wealthy is: "The Instant Millionaire, A tale of wisdom and wealth" by Mark Fisher.  Audio.  I will leave it to the students that want to be richer to do what it says.  It is not just about wealth, it is also about wisdom.  *******

Financial freedom in 8 minutes DAY by Ron Hulnick, Ph.D. & Mary Hulnick, Ph.D.  This great book is actually a spiritual book written by spiritual people.  It is currently out of print but Amazon.Com may be able to find you one or you could call the authors at the University of Santa Monica (310) 892-7402.  Financial Freedom [FF] is about one of the most difficult spiritual areas, money.  You will not find a specific spiritual path here, you will find practical ways to become more spiritual and wealthy and healthy and happy at the same time.  I did not find the word spiritual in there, only practical ways to solve the hot issues of money and to get any financial house in order.  The house could be yours or even a business.  *******

Handbook to Higher Consciousness by Ken Keyes, Jr.  Tape.  Workbook. One of the books that inspired me on my path to spiritual growth was this book. This book correctly diagnoses all our demands and shoulds as addictions.  This book then give a simple way out. This book talks about changing our demands and shoulds to preferences.  All we need to do is to change our language to "I prefer ...  For example.  I prefer to be around kinder and gentler people that just have preferences.  I would prefer you speaking to me in a gentler tone.  I would prefer your taking this defective merchandise back and replacing it with merchandise that works.  I would prefer my steak to be less well burnt.  You get the idea.  *******

The Power of Unconditional Love by Ken and Penny Keyes.  Penny is his third wife, and they have some very good language to pick up.  When you use their language and concepts you are on your way to a happier life.  Ken has a great metaphor for unconditional love that makes it easier to separate loving the person from approving of their behavior.  He has used the metaphor of a tape recorder.  One can love a tape recorder that plays both pleasing and unpleasing tapes.  People are just playing their tapes when they run their habit patterns.  They are powerless to change until they find HOW to change.  Besides learning their concepts and language, it is important to do the work and they have a workbook.  Handbook to Higher Consciousness: The Workbook: A daily Practice Book to Help You Increase You Heart-To-Heart Loving and Happiness by Ken.   He also has Discovering  the Secrets of Happiness: My Intimate Story, Gathering Power Through Insight and Love, How to Enjoy Your Life In Spite of It All, Prescriptions for Happiness, Your Hearts Desire: A Loving Relationship, Your Road Map to Lifelong Happiness: A guide to the Life You Want.  You get a hint from his titles.   *******

Happiness is a Choice by Barry Neil Kaufman.  Barry's book really makes a strong case for choosing happiness.  This book can show you how.  More information on Barry's organization and products is available at *******

LIFE 101, Everything We Wish We Had Learned About Life In School - But Didn't.  Hardcover.  Audio.  DO IT!, Let's Get Off Our Buts, A Guide to Living Your Dreams.  The same authors produced a series of books with good information that can be used for your advancement into more joy and health.  LIFE 101, and DO IT! are available on line.  ******  

They also wrote Wealth 101, Wealth Is Much More Than Money that is not available on line or at  That may have something to do with the traps to be avoided.  The authors may be still working out their salvation with some fear and trembling for any controlling and blaming parts of Life 102: What To Do When Your Guru Sues You by Peter McWilliams that is available on line.  Life 102 is available at and is useful to consider how to watch for controlling or blaming in yourself and your G. U. R. U..  **  

If any of Life 102 is true, it Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do, by Peter McWilliams.  "Ain't" is a  wonderful exposition of part of the beliefs of the Libertarians that are needed to solve some of our society's illnesses.  If one is master of oneself, one does not have a need to master others.  I believe that we do not have the world the Libertarians visualize because there are not enough that have mastered themselves enough to show the way.   Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do is available on line.  ****** 

Part of the recovery secrets are free on line at How to Survive the Loss of a Love by Melba Colgrove, Ph.D., Harold H. Bloomfield, M.D., & Peter McWilliams.  If interested you can order "Loss" paperback and hardcover from  More recovery secrets are on line in LOVE 101, To Love Oneself is the Beginning of a Lifelong Romance by Peter McWilliams and How To Heal Depression by Harold H. Bloomfield, M.D. & Peter McWilliams.  LOVE 101 [out at Amazon 10/98] paperback  and audio as well as Heal Depression paperback, hardcover and audio are available at with these links.  The above links were available in July 1996.  An excellent body of work.  ******  except * for Life 102 since the authors have the challenge of doing more of what they have written just like I am still in need of doing what I have written.

ADD Success Stories by Thom Hartmann.  Hardcover.  A wonderful reframe of how ADD may only be our genetic inheritance from our hunter ancestors.  He goes on to tell of how others have successfully used their ADD symptoms as their resource for a better life.  His book shows how the hunter in us has led to our successful developments on our planet.  His book also tells how we also need the farmers as well as the hunters.  His book facilitates forgiveness and there is many ways to forgive in it.  We all have ADD to some extent, so the success stories can help everyone, even if we do not have the diagnosis of ADD.  Great collection of practical recovery tips.  *******  [P. S.  ADD is Attention Deficit Disorder and could be called Attention Direction Difference or HTP for Hunter Thought Processor.]

You Can't Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought by Peter McWilliams & John-Roger.  Subtitled "A Book for People with Any Life-Threatening Illness -- Including Life".  There is a lot of wisdom packed in this book where the title tells it all.  The goal is worthy even though I have found I will need the assistance of our Holy Spirit to keep improving.  If the name Holy Spirit bothers you, call it Rover and it will come over.  It does not care what it is called, it does care if it is called.  You Can't Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought is also available on line.  ******

A Path to Healing - A Guide to Wellness for Body, Mind, and Soul by Dr. Andrea D. Sullivan.   You can find on my site in one of my presentations on Effective Prayer for Personality Types, that there are four basic personality types.  I just found from her book and another on that I am going to add here, that the four blood types also correspond to four personality types.  Since I met the author and she practices in my local area, this has given me something to follow up on.  That is because she writes about how each blood type has a diet that works best.  She is also a homeopath and there may be a constitutional remedy for each blood type that I would be interested in finding.  She also recommends some herbs for health and recover.  She also recommends some spiritual practices for more health, wealth, and happiness.  ******

Eat Right 4 Your Type: The Individualized Diet Solution to Staying Healthy, Living Longer & Achieving Your Ideal Weight by Peter J. D'Adamo M.D..  I believe and have seen that this is a significant book in the long story of healing.  Some doctors finally noticed that there are some differences due to blood types, differences that can be used to our advantage.  These differences explain why some diets only work with some people and do not work with others.  There is a comprehensive list of foods that are optimum for each blood type and neutral and difficult.  ******

What's Your Type?: How Blood Types Are the Keys to Unlocking Your Personality by Peter Constantine. The books above,  A Path to Healing and  Eat Right 4 Your Type both start to describe how each blood type has a personality type associated with each blood type.  This book goes into greater detail.  Although we are more complex than this, this is a good place to start.  Some people seem to also fit their astrological profile.  In addition we also can be described by a variable percentage of the 9 enneagram types.  This tells me that we are definitely more vast than any simple system.  However, I believe that healing the blood type personality first could be of tremendous benefit.  I'll rate this book and tell you more, after I get this book and evaluate it.

The Creation of Health, The emotional, Psychological, and Spiritual Responses That Promote Health and Healing.  This book is coauthored by Caroline Myss, Ph.D and C. Norman Shealy, M.D.  Their coauthoring is an example of the needed cooperation between the spiritual and medical communities.  There need to be more teams of mental health coaches and physical health coaches.  *******

"How to Argue and Win Every Time" by the famous lawyer Gerry Spense. He really is writing about what winning is. He is writing about how to really live, and then you win every time. He calls prejudice an indelible ink stain, because you are unlikely to change a prejudice. That is why I write about forgiveness here. That is one way to change our pre judgments into an open mind. The we start to grow the mind of wonder we had as a child and JC talked about that is back in the Kingdom of God.  The other thing he writes about that stands in the way of our seeing clearly is beliefs. When we hang on to beliefs that do not work well for us we are standing in the way of our living in the Kingdom. When we are not in the Kingdom we have some beliefs in the way.  ******

Suzanne Somers' Get Skinny on Fabulous Food by Suzanne Somers. I put this book here because my wife wanted this one. Actually I believe that there is not a single diet that works best for each person. I believe that our body type, personality, blood types and national origin effect the effects of food on our bodies. The best example I know was when they did a research project on American Indians and used their old diet from their past, the Indians got over their high rates of alcoholism, diabetes, etc. Our government seems to have overlooked this report at the Bureau of Indian Affairs. I wonder how long it would take me to find it myself. Not Rated.

A Bill of Rights for Happy, Healthy, People by James Thomson, M.A., LCPC on "How to make happiness a habit!"  James has written a very useful set of rights and exercises to practice to make our lives better.  When you are interested in a better life, get his book and do the exercises and practice your rights.  Some examples are "5.  The Right to require others to treat you well and 6.  The Right to treat others well."  ******

Smart Women, Foolish Choices, has an insight that many smart women, pick the bad guy over the nice men, because the bad guy, is more exciting.  I gave a copy to my daughter and I guess she thought I was insulting her.  But, the results were that she picked a really nice man and is leading a happier and less dramatic life.  Naturally she is provoking  him on her issues & vice versa.  The difference is that they are in better shape to help each other work them out.  The same thing would have been true if I had a son that was getting excited about a bad girl.  I would have given him the same book and crossed out the "wo" in "women".  It is just better to work out your issues with a good woman, than a bad girl.  I know that one from personal experience.  Not that the other would not have been more exciting.  The trouble is that kind of excitement is the soap opera kind of excitement, called misery.  Even so, I had more drama, than I though I would. ******

Passages: Predicatable Crises of Adult Life it about the normal mid life process, and how it can lead to a better life.  ******

How to Get What You Want and Want What You Have: A Practical and Spiritual Guide to Personal Successfor everyone by John Grey is self explanitory.  I like John's Books.

*******  Love It, Read It, Do It, Be Full of Care.

******  Love It, Read It, Do It, Be More Careful.

*****  Not on my List to Read Yet.

****  Not a Candidate to Read.

*** Cry for Recovery Work.

**  Cry for Help

* Scream for Help


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