"The Keepers of the Shoulds"

If you want to be the keeper of the should, Then your shoulds will keep you.

If you let your shoulds go, your shoulds will let you go.

Then you are free, free to choose your choices and your consequences.

We can let loose of our shoulds by accepting things as they are. That is, we can see them as they are, somewhere on a scale, the best they can be until we assist by changing ourself.

If we do not accept things as they are, we make ourself angry.

We can use our energy of anger to change things that influence people.  That is the positive use of our energy of anger.

The negative use of our anger, is either trying to set a boundary, or trying to change someone or some group.

The real someone or something I am trying to change, is myself.  The real boundary I am trying to set, is in myself.

I can temporarily tell others, what I can not presently tolerate.  I can temporarily show others, what I can not presently tolerate.

It is wiser to then use my energy to transform my energy to loving and authority and influence.

I can transform my energy by finding the names I am calling them and thereby myself and forgive myself for those names.  Then, I can take specific actions to do the opposite of those names.  I can lay out my plan that will continue to evoke these specific actions.  I can execute and change my plan daily.  These processes start the changes in myself so that I can accept them as they are and treat them with more respect.  I will find myself tolerating them and not needing to change them and in the bargain, influencing them.

God grant me the serenity,

to accept the things I can not change,

God grant me the courage

to change the things I can,

and the wisdom,

to know the difference.


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