For those that believe in Life.

Abortion Question Quiz

You must be against abortion. You have said you do not believe in the death penalty, so you must be very pro life.  Then, to be consistent in your thinking, you must be for the life in the fetus to become a happy, full of life, person.  And, to be consistent, you must want everything, to make it possible for the family to thrive.  I know that you are sad, about losing fetuses.  I do not believe that you really want fetuses, aborted or ruined lives.  I know that some people are pro life on some subjects, like people accused of murder and pro death on some subjects, like abortion.  I know that it is maddening to contain these contradictions.  How about some better ways?

Since you believe in life, you agree with Good.  Good gives eternal life to everything and everyone.  In that case, there is no problem, and nothing to be mad about.

I believe that abortion is a serious life choice of many reasons to not give the gift of a lifetime for someone else at that time. 


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