Once upon a time after high school, I had raised my right hand, and swore to preserve, protect and defend our Constitution, when I joined the 15th Rifle Company of US Marines Reserves at Seal Beach California. I had also been selected for a civilian Engineering Co-op student position for the US Navy at Long Beach Naval Shipyard. I was soon sent to a training course at Sperry in New York, on the SPG-55 Fire Control system.

I paid extra, to stop at my Capital of Washington DC, on my way home. At the airport, I looked in the phone book, for a place to stay. I saw that they had whites only, and colored only hotels in that phone book, in my Capital. I remembered that our Declaration of Independence declared us as created equal and our Constitution was amended to make us equal. I decided to show that this discrimination, was is not what I wanted nor in accordance with my country's Constitution. I picked a colored only hotel, and found a cab.

When I told the cab driver, where I wanted to go, his eyes got real big and he asked me, if I was sure. I was, even though in those times the N word was used a lot and people got angry about their prejudices. This was back when I was very shy. I felt scared because I was violating the norms of the time, but I also felt I was doing the right thing. This was my way for a peaceful demonstration of showing what I wanted, and what I did not want. It was not what most people wanted at that time. I am glad I have this story to tell my grandchildren, instead of the story of prejudiced ones I knew have to tell.

This story may help you to see, that I stand for what I believe is wiser in the long run. So, you may understand, why I am writing the following on "reparations". I believe that it is time for our tan people to do some things back in gratitude. It is not for their highest good to be slapping in the face of their supporters of equality and ruining their own lives with bitterness. The best revenge, is getting on with a better life.

We all have descended from people that have been slaves, in some form, at some point in history. Most "blacks" in America today are tan, and are descendants of both slaves and slave holders and others. The "slaves" that were taken to the "new world", would likely have been slaves or worse in Africa. Their descendants, if they survived, could still be there, most likely in a lower quality of life.

The American Japanese in World War II, were somewhat different. Their experience was recent and there was a denial of their rights, under the laws at that time. Even there, reparations may not have been wise. Although, some lost their businesses and some lives were put on hold, they usually went on to more success. But, so were our warriors lives put on hold and some lost more than a business, as they fought for a better world. They were paid little for their service, but they came back, to make a much better world.

In fact, most tan people here today, really owe America, reparations for the better life they have had, than the lives they would have had in Africa. Recovery comes out of gratitude, not bitterness. Recovery comes out of patience and persistence and a hand up, not a hand out. I wonder if Johnnie Cochran would be so bitter, if he really understood what he really owes the rest of America. I know that I am grateful, for being here, as I see the alternatives. The alternative we have here is working and we can get on with a better life, in spite of what may not be working yet. We are either working towards a better life here, or a worse life here.

Speaking of a worse life, when I first heard my President talk about a hydrogen car in our future, in his state of the union address, I knew something was wrong, since I was educated as general engineer at UCLA. My President said in January 2003: "Tonight I'm proposing $1.2 billion in research funding so that America can lead the world in developing clean, hydrogen-powered automobiles. (Applause.)

[Taking money from more possible future alternatives!]

A single chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen generates energy, which can be used to power a car -- producing only water, not exhaust fumes. With a new national commitment, our scientists and engineers will overcome obstacles to taking these cars from laboratory to showroom, so that the first car driven by a child born today could be powered by hydrogen, and pollution-free. (Applause.)

[He did not know about the exhaust fumes to get the hydrogen to the automobile. There are too many obstacles to hydrogen automobile usage, to bet the future of your country, on overcoming them all.]

Join me in this important innovation to make our air significantly cleaner, and our country much less dependent on foreign sources of energy. (Applause.)"

[Just not true. Hydrogen production is dirty. We are not dependent on foreign wind, coal, trash, and atomic power [except for Niger]. Solar power is not efficient and hydrogen would likely be produced from imported natural gas!]

I knew my President was basically wrong about using hydrogen to replace oil, I just did not know HOW wrong this alternative for automobiles was for my country. I knew that hydrogen was expensive and not efficient and hard to compress and contain. I know that fuel cells and hydrogen may be useful for something someday, just not likely to be automobiles. Can you imagine using and filling up today's 5,000 psi hydrogen cylinders for your trailer behind your automobile? And to get today's ranges, imagine 10,000 psi cylinders? So, I began to find those that did do the math, and looked at the details of the challenges in this hydrogen hoax. I put links to several of them on https://www.recoverybydiscovery.com/hydrogen.htm. I found that many companies as well as our government were working on drilling a likely dry hole with hydrogen, like when Bush earlier drilled for a dry oil hole in his business. [I know, that this would be fair for us to drill a dry hole, since we are going to leave dry holes, in the places we are buying our oil from, and leaving them high and dry.]

I did not know then, that Al Gore had sponsored a $50 million project at Ford to produce a diesel hybrid car that could put America out front, and lead to a practical future. I did not know ALL the reasons hydrogen would be expensive. I did not know that producing enough hydrogen from water would require many atomic plants, because of the inefficiency of the electrolysis process.

Then, my President, in the same state of the union speech, tried to tell us that there were Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. I knew that he was going to embarrass my country on this issue. The former UN inspector had said that they had followed all the leads of the intelligence services, including Israel, who had Iraq as a low threat. They not only inspected Iraq, but Iraq's sources of supply. Scott said that there were at best only 5% of undocumented destruction of W 's. Not W 's, just undocumented destruction. I knew that most bureaucracies, including ours, could not even fully document anything. Then, the next UN inspector only wanted 90 days to complete his determination. That told me that there was not much left to determine the issue. Now, how many days has my President taken to embarrass himself?

As an egotist, my President wants to be great, hence the "Mars Mission", the "Hydrogen Hoax", and talking up a "War President". Touching rocks on Mars is better done with robots, growing our oil is way more efficient than hydrogen, and his undeclared war is only a police action like our war on drugs. My President has some good ideas, like helping prisoners break their recycling to prison. And, he could be and could have been a great President, by things like saving the Hubble telescope [instead of Mars] and starting a Manhattan project to get biodiesel and biodiesel hybrid automobiles into mass production asap, and supporting a World Marshall Plan to rebuild Palestine [to solve the root of the terrorists problem] and developing a future for our oil suppliers, for when their oil runs out, and get out of his dry holes patterns. He could wake up a real wise compassionate learner and leader any day, and I wish he does and does become a peacemaker and great.

In the long run, we will survive this or any President, like Europe survived WW II and Asia survived their economic meltdown. Of course, they had America to help them up, and one wonders how much help we will have, after the arrogance of this President, has made the rest of our world so angry.

Anyway, philosophically I am a compassionate moderate independent, that has voted for both parties and no party. I am used to people not listening well, to what I have said, when I know before hand, how things are going. I knew that antibiotics would be miss used in grade school when we had a neighbor boy, that was given antibiotics for most everything. I knew that this would produce better germs. Now, we are battling drug resistant germs and we have killer hamburgers and eggs that are more dangerous. I knew that putting hydrogen in cooking oil would turn out bad for our bodies, when I took college chemistry. Now medical science is catching on. I knew that doctors did not know it all, because I knew that I did not know it all, nor do I want to now. I knew that some of the doctor's arrogance would would come back to haunt them. I knew that synthetic drugs were risky, now HRT is not such a good idea. They could have used natural hormones instead of pregnant horse urine, but there just was not as much profit without a patent.

You see, I have not taken another oath, to not preserve, protect and defend our Constitution. This is why I am writing here to help make a better world.  This is just my present form of peaceful demonstration, of part of what I want for my grandchildren in their future and a story I would rather tell my great grandchildren, or have my grandchildren tell.

Very Respectfully,



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