Personality Plus : How to Understand Others by Understanding Yourself by Florence Littauer

Silver Boxes : The Gift of Encouragement by Florence Littauer.  One of the greatest diseases in marriages is criticism.  It is done with the good intention of making things better, but it usually makes things worse.

Understanding Psychotherapy : The Science Behind the Art by Michael Franz Basch

The Hidden Child: The Linwood Method for Reaching the Autistic Child

Son-Rise: The Miracle Continues

My Grandfather's Blessings

The Soul of Recovery

Reading Mastery - Level 2 Storybook 1 by Siegfried Engelmann, Elaine C. Bruner.  Click on "See all ___ customer reviews..." for all the reviews by people on line.  There is a pattern of making fun of President Bush for reading the goat story instead of getting on with being Commander in Chief.  This child's reader became famous because "The Pet Goat"  in it is what President Bush was reading when he was told that we were under attack and just stood there.  But, there may be an even deeper signifiance to the goat story, at least according to a humorous writer in "The Washington Post Magazine".  The article,, "Getting Bush's Goat", told about how the goat story was a good metaphor for not making a scapegoat out of the goat, Saddam, and keeping the focus on catching the robber, Osama.  Unfortunately, it appears that his focus on the goat story did not sink in either.


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