About Secret Recovery Books

These books are not really secret, they just were not as popular in the past.  Even though the bible was popular, it was rarely read.  This is rapidly changing and recovery books of all forms have exploded in number and popularity.  There is a positive spiritual restoration going on.  It is not just in the recovery, revival, and renewal circles.  It is also in the business,  school media, medical, political and ... arenas.  I know, some of these are hard to believe.  I believe that it helps to believe another hard thing each day. 

There are the business renewal, re-engineering, and re-invention movements.  Some of the ideas have come into the homes.  Total Quality Management [TQM] can become Total Quality Marriage.  The clear guru to me is the late Mr. W. Edward Deming.  He can be hard to understand, but he shows his own profound knowledge and knowledge of spiritual psychology in his work.  He and I both recommended that we all find our profound knowledge and knowledge of psychology.  Some of the other gurus are tied up in their details and still learning what Bill was saying.  The feedback from what works will keep them improving their ideas. 

There is the recovery and support group movement.  The quantity and quality of the groups and their materials continue to expand.   They have a lot of experience from the school of hard knocks that helps them know what works. 

There is the movement of the non traditional churches that has added vitality to the regular church non movement.

There is a movement to home schooling to fix what is perceived as a failing public school system.  Interestingly part of the reason for the school system's failure is from the school system's reactions to the attacks from the groups now involved in home schooling.  Much healthier to give solutions and lead, than to criticize.  Computer assisted learning is already proving its effectiveness in improving traditional methods. 

Deming reported on research that showed that children lost some more creativity for each year in public school.  Those that did not, were strong enough to keep their creativity in spite of our public school system.  The open question is whether the parents in the home school system will be any better at fostering the creativity of their children and leading them into better coping skills for our world.  Time will tell the tale.  The feedback from what works will assist both groups.

What positive trends have you noticed?


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