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Spiritual Growth Books:

One: The Gospel According to Mike by Mike Williams

Years before Mike wrote his book, I had heard Mike tell about how in the past he asked God why his version of Christianity at that time was not working.I can see how Mike�s book of �One�, is the answer to his question to God.Mike�s book read like, he was being taught by his life, how to write his book of �One�.

I asked three questions of God as a teen.I can now see that my 5 decades of life since then, was just a series of steps towards my one answer to my three questions that turned out to be five questions.My one answer only came after I was finally ready to forgive everything.

Mike�s book made perfect sense to me.I had found most of the same answers on my way to my one answer.We both found good news answers.Mike has successfully decoded the real bible code.There never was a bible letter code, in English, for a bible somewhat mistranslated from Greek and Hebrew, about a Teacher of God, that spoke Aramaic.But, the bible can become more miraculous, when I translate parts of it myself, using Strong�s numbers and now Mike�s book of one.���

I found that Mike�s book of one, talked to me about real grace, not cheap grace, or grace mixed with law.Mike�s understanding of the �gospel� was actually �all good news�.

Mike�s clarity on the purpose of legalism was helpful to me.Jesus had already made sense to me, in context of pre redemption, and Jesus as the Holy Spirit in the least of us, post redemption.

Thanks to Mike, this is the first time, that I got a sense of how Paul understood real grace, with more clarity, and in context.I can thank a pastor called Randy that helped prepare me to understand Paul.

I found Mike�s book to be more about god concepts from the bible which can keep you out of the traps of any religion, which has an angry god, no matter what way you choose to find your way home to God.

I found Mike, and later Mike�s book, because I had asked God how to remove the sting of Christianity.Back then I was a red letter follower of the sayings of Jesus, I could not understand how Jesus was being used to make war makers, instead of peace makers.The �Sting� was also about the bible being used for Crusades, Inquisitions, State Control, and now a political party using Christianity for state control.When you have been stung by Christians, Mike�s book can help you remove the sting.The sting was the blame game by Christians and non-Christians, instead of the sane game, of infinite forgiveness, of followers of Jesus.

As a spiritual therapist working with mental illnesses, in practice I have found that I am working with false god concepts, as the core problem, which we are working on healing.Mike has found the God in the Bible, after redemption, that is the God I have found in myself, and those that are willing to do the hard, but necessary, spiritual exercises.

� Sept 2012 Mike Foster

Perfect love casts out all fear, per the bible.So, perfect fear, casts out all love.One/Love = FearAs Love goes to infinity, Fear goes to zero.One/Fear = LoveAs Fear goes to infinity, Love goes to zero.Or, Love times Fear = One.Infinite Love times Fear = One or God�s Infinite Love over time makes us One again.

� Oct 2012 Mike Foster


My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers. 

Two of my clients in the same week brought me the same book and pointed out that it was telling them the same things I had been teaching them and myself.  The book was My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers.  The more I consider this book, the more I would like people that read the bible to read My Utmost for His Highest first.  That way they would start with a higher perspective when reading the bible and be better prepared to keep the bible in a healthier spiritual context. 

The Bible by various authors at the level they were at, at that time.

The current bibles contain a full range of the levels of man and the levels of That Which Is.  Like a Rorschach ink blot test, the bible reflects where you are on your spiritual path.  The bible has been mistranslated, misunderstood, and politically truncated by the priest class.  In my own experience I have found that key parts of it are mistranslated and misunderstood.  The Ten Commandments are a key source of our past judgmental thinking.  I found that from the Holy Spirit that they can be transformed into really deep ways on how to have a closer walk with God.  A walk that leads to forgiving, loving, understanding and merciful thinking.  If you are interested in what I found, my electronic book The Secrets Steps to Recovery includes a chapter on the ten ways to That Which Is.  The computer bible I prefer to use is DOS Online Bible & at WIN Online Bible  these links will get you a free bible for Windows or DOS.  The price of admission is free, but the value is way beyond that.  This version comes with the original Greek and Hebrew words in their original font and with Strong's translation of each word, plus more notes than you will read in any reasonable time.  I have found that inviting the Holy Spirit to assist me in understanding has been of way beyond value.****** 

A Course in Miracles by JC.  

This book is poetry with large portions written in iambic pentameter.It is also often misunderstood.  It can be an attraction off the spiritual path to intellectuals that use it to judge themselves and others.  For that matter the bible can have the same effect when used by the ego.  [Ego = Edging god out]   The course is really an exercise in spiritual psychology of the path of forgiveness.  It both makes the ego more obvious and can be used to bring about a transformation of the ego.  It only does this when it is the intention of the student of the course is to transform their ego.  Their ego is safe to cause them more misery, if it is not their intention to let JC assist in the transformation of their ego.  The book is divided into three parts; text, workbook; and a manual for teachers.  That is significant.  Since there is a manual for teachers, there are teachers.  The teachers can put the Course in practical terms and relate it to life here.  One could choose to ask the Holy Spirit of the Course "Who is my teacher?"  Do not be surprised if heaven and earth move to answer that question, when you get the courage to ask, and open your mind like a parachute.  

The �Text� did not make sense to me, until I was ready.  I recommend reading the �Manual for Teachers� next, to just understand the role of teachers.  I did not read the �Manual for Teachers� until I had worked through a third of the �Workbook for Students�.  From this �Manual for Teachers�, I realized that there are teachers of the generic course in miracles.  I had the good sense to ask the Holy Spirit who my teacher was, and shortly found him, then the next�

A spiritual life is meaningless unless anyone is willing to do the necessary work.  That is why the �Workbook for Students� is so necessary when anyone is ready to do the work.  Before starting your work, it is very helpful to remember that everything you are learning, applies to everyone else.  ******  

Introduction to a Course in Miracles.  

It says: "This booklet presents a brief overview of "A Course in Miracles", seeking to capture the entire phenomenon of the Course through the following sections: What is "A Course in Miracles"?; The Story of "A Course in Miracles; The Teaching of "A Course in Miracles"; Quotations From "A Course in Miracles"; Questions About "A Course in Miracles"; The Impact of "A Course in Miracles""  This booklet would be most useful for anyone interested in the Course because it gives perspective and captures "the entire phenomenon of the Course".  By some miracle it is in alignment with the Course. Wish I had read it before the book. It could be used to give you valuable perspectives that help you keep what you are reading in context.   ******* 

There is also a valuable supplement to the course in Supplements to a Course in Miracles : Psychotherapy : The Song of Prayer.  

When you are a therapist or a client of a therapist or in a relationship, this supplement can be a pearl of great price.  It also gives great perspective, short and sweet.  ******

Conversations with God, an uncommon dialogue, Book One by Neale Donald Walsch [and God].   

The truth is what is true for you so far.  Like with Job, your conversation starts where you are and takes you as high as you intend to go.  This series of books could expand what is true for you.  It is your choice when you are ready to enter into your own conversations with God.  This series of three books can facilitate your own conversation.  ******* 


Friendship With God is from the continuing conversations Mr. Walsch is having.  *******

Powers of the Mind by Adam Smith.  

Now out of print, but Amazon.Com now has used copies!  What Adam gives us is more information to improve our perspective on our own spiritual journey.

I would have called Adam Smith's book, "The Mind Game", since, "The Master Game", has been written.  Adam has gained much perspective in his search for enlightenment.  He has learned much about our minds and has enlightened us in the process.  Adam has tried a lot and met many in the mind game.  Adam has remained a skeptic, looking for objectivity while he has gone full circle on his search.

Adam has found that things happen, that are not part of what we normally expect.  Our mind can effect our body, like remissions and stigmatic bleeding. [pg. 15 & 16]  Placebos work, and work best when they are two, taste bitter, and are large and purple or brown or small and bright red or yellow.  They also work better, when given as an injection, not by a doctor, and are told what it does. [pg. 17 & 18]  Naming the challenge helps, like with Rumpelstiltskin, it can go poof. [pg. 19]  I note that the part the mind that does it with placebos, is not any different than what does it with active pills or injections.  In the case of active ingredients, the mind sees the physical results, and also responds to these results.

Adam had his peak experience at UCLA, in an exploration of inner space, by using a trigger placebo pill, to make the unconscious conscious.  Adam saw a giant spider with his mother's face, that ate him, and he had a flow of feelings that resolved his relationship issues with his mother. [pg. 27& 28]  Next time Adam's experience from LSD was one he could only try and explain.  He started laughing and went through a breath taking kaleidoscope display to a more real purple universe, with the frequency of laughter, which went throughout all universes. [pg. 29]  On pg. 32, Adam quotes from the medical school text "The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics" by Goodman and Gilman, on mind expanding drugs.  These drugs are distinguished by "their capacity to induce or compel states of altered perceptions, thought and feeling, that are not (or cannot be) experienced except in dreams, or at times of religious exaltation."  To me it is amazing that doctors did not "get it" that this is no different from some in "mentally ill" and spiritual states.  ******

Is That You, Lord?: Practical Methods for Learning Spiritual Discernment by Roberta Rogers (Bobbie).   

One of the most valuable skills we can learn is to discern what is guidance from our lord most high within and what is not, that is what is from our own ego.  One way to learn this skill is to be around someone who has experienced some of this skill.  Another way is to read something from someone who has some level of experiencing this skill.  That is why I am recommending this book by someone I met, "Is That You, Lord?: Practical Methods for Learning Spiritual Discernment"  Her book is written in practical, everyday terms.  That is why it is so valuable.  Bobbie writes with honesty and writes of many of her experiences and the experiences of those she knows.  You will be able to relate to the subject of discernment with discernment because of Bobbie's contribution. ******

Ancient Secret of the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH by Peter Kelder.

Another valuable set of skills we can learn are to find our fountain of youth within, our lord most high within.  There is another book from our bookstore that I am suggesting will be a blessing.  I will be a blessing when you intend to find your lord most high within.  I will be a blessing in disguise when you only want to find your youth.  This short book has changed the lives of many.  Perhaps you might be interested in joining them.  ******

Boundaries: When To Say Yes, How to Say No  by Henry Cloud and John Townsend

Our spiritual growth depends on us learning more about boundaries.  God had good boundaries by levels of spirit.  We need to learn how to have good boundaries.  The above book by two Christian authors is really a help.  That's right, Christian with a capital C.  I know, it is rare, but good to see.  *******

Wrestling with the Prophets by Matthew Fox  I really know that this quote can help heal us:  "One thing I learned from it is that the Native American people believe God does not make evil spirits; we humans do, and our human institutions do.  Moreover, the only avenue by which an evil spirit can enter the human heart is through fear...  Fundamentalism, which is spreading through all religions --- Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, and certainly Christianity --- is all about fear.  Courage is at the heart of fighting the fear."  And from the Bible, "Perfect love casts out all fear."  On the back cover of the book it says "FOX SPEAKS OUT FOR A SPIRITUAL AWAKENING AND A MOVEMENT AWAY FROM TRADITIONAL RELIGION TOWARDS AN AUTHENTIC CONNECTION WITH THE DIVINE."  Amen.  *******

*******  Love It, Read It, Do It, Be Full of Care.

******  Love It, Read It, Do It, Be More Careful.

*****  Not on my List to Read Yet.

****  Not a Candidate to Read.

*** Cry for Recovery Work.

**  Cry for Help.

*  Scream for Help.

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