The Secrets Steps to Recovery

"Recovery Skills" E-Book Contents

Now Titled:  The Game of Life Cookbook - Recipes for a Better Life

Now includes:  "Healing Hearts" 

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Robert Michael Foster, M.A.


Healing Hearts Section with 25 Chapters.

What Secret Skills of Forgiving?

How Can I Set My Intentions?

How Can I Find My Higher Power?

How Can I Forgive Myself?

Fig 1: How to Forgive

Fig 2: How Anger Works

Fig 3: Using Anger to Get It

How Can I Forgive Others?

How do Anger, Hurt, Love Relate?

How Can I Learn to Really Listen?

How Can I Find More Harmony?

How Can I Ask Open Questions?

How Can I Have My Authority?

How Can I Find What I Really Want?

How Can I Get My Dreams?

How Can I Change My Habits?

How Can I Find My Positives?

How Can I Change My Negatives?

What Were My Past Intentions?

How Can I Focus on My Felt Sense?

What did Jesus say about Anger?

How Can I Transform My Core Parts?

How Can I Really Laugh & Cry?

How Can I Forgive God?

How can I use the 10 commandments?

How Can I Use the 12 Steps?

Where Can I Practice These Skills?

What Are the Other Kinds of Anger?

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