"Healing Hearts" E-Book Table of Contents

The Secrets of Healing Hurts

A book of recovery by Robert Michael Foster, M.A., (c) 1996,7

Why $1.00 for a Million $ Booklet?

How did I come to write this booklet?


What Triggers Our Anger?

Fig 1: Creating Change

What Is Our Anger?

What Two Kinds of Anger Are There?

What Are the Other Kinds of Anger?

What Is The Purpose of Our Anger?

What Are The Results of Authentic Anger?

What Are The Results of Corrosive Anger?

How Can We Know We Have Authentic Anger?

How Can We Know We Have Corrosive Anger?

What Is The First Step To Change?

How Can We Change Corrosive to Authentic Anger?

How Does The Change Process Work?

Fig 2: The Healing Process

Fig 3: The Hurting Process

How Long Is The Change Process?

What Do You Want To Happen Next?

How About Male Versus Female?

What About Ethnic Groups?

What About You?

What Does the Bible Say?

How Ready Are You To Change?

What Is Your Next Step?

My e-booklet is about how we hurt ourselves and others and the first secrets of recover.  When you are interested, E-Mail me.


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