Healing Words, The Power of Prayer and the Practice of

Medicine by Larry Dossey, M.D.  Of course the title tell the essence of the book.  This book is more than about traditional prayer, this is about what kinds of prayer really work and how that fits into working with modern medicine.  This is about research and an open mind on the subjects of prayer and the subject of healing.


"Son-Rise: The Miracle Continues" and "The Hidden Child: The Linwood Method for Reaching the Autistic Child" offer some personal success stories on helping the autistic recovery process. We all have some autism so we can learn to help others and ourselves by any successful recovery process.

*******  Love It, Read It, Do It, Be Full of Care.

******  Love It, Read It, Do It, Be More Careful.

*****  Not on my List to Read Yet.

****  Not a Candidate to Read.

*** Cry for Recovery Work.

**  Cry for Help.

*  Scream for Help.


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