What to expect:

1.  Confidentiality:  No one, or organization, needs to know what you tell me.  They can start their own recovery journey when they are ready to totally forgive themselves and others.  I do take notes of spiritually relevant information that has nothing to do with what you might have done or might plan to do, I do not make reports, or hang on to any of your story, as your past no longer exists, as you recover.  Since recovery is a process of waking up from some nightmares, how would I know what parts are dreams, and which parts are reality, anyway.  As a participant in our spiritual process of recovery, I have the responsibilities of a spiritual coach to keep our stories confidential.  I have the rights of the Fifth Amendment to consider any of our journeys bordering on past self incrimination.  It would be self incriminating for a spritual coach to reveal confidential information.  As a spiritual coach I have the rights of the freedom of religion amendment.  As an online publisher I have the rights of the freedom of the press amendment.  You have the right to tell me what is confidential and to expect me to keep that sacred.  The Holy Spirit does not tell on you, why would I do any different.  Your story has no name, nationality, sex, time, place or anything else, to make it unique.  Your story is just what you will learn to learn from and it does not matter what is unreal.      

2.  Clarity:  It helps to know where you want to go.  It helps to develop clarity on your ideal dreams, that you really want to live.  I do not tell you what to do, because you develop your own plans of action, for what you really want to do.  That is because you have all the resources you need inside yourself.  I am just helping you discovery your recovery resources within. All you need is some new life skills, and ways of thinking, to begin living your ideal dreams.

3.  FACTS of LIFE Skills

4.  Recovery is a Lifetime process, not an event.  Once you learn the spiritual skills, that is all you really need with the will to carry them out.


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