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As an example try, "love peace".

As another example, try some symptom, like "panic" or "depression".

And, Please always ask, "that which is most high within" yourself: What is the truth? Who is telling it? How can I tell the difference? On a scale of 1 to 10, how true is this? Who is my teacher about the most high within?

Very useful tool for any of our media and politicians. The truth is that we can hear from our most high within as we find our inner peace, as we are forgiving everything and everyone. Things becomes more clear then. One of the answers I have, is that if we do not solve our energy challenges, not much else will count.

Zero Carbon Britain from Zero Carbon Britain on Vimeo.

Britain is an island on our same world and our world is an island in our sun system. What applies to Britain applies to all of us.

The Good Life is finding solutions.

1. First, start with my LEGAL page. My LEGAL page is more than about a starting place to start to work with me on your recovery. My LEGAL page is a place to start with learning what the basis of the real problems are, and how to take responsibility for where you are.

2. Since we are all equal spiritually, all I ask for in return when I work with you on your recovery, is the same you earn per hour after your earnings are divided among those that you are responsible for. The purpose of paying is to tell your inner self that your really want to recover. Check out my Price Guidelines for Individuals for more information. When you wonder what to expect, click on my whatoexpect.htm page.

When you have a business, I also like to work with teams to improve productivity, so check out my Price Guidelines for Working with Teams.

3. You can use this site to find information on what would be useful in your own recovery, to the life of your dreams. It would help to ask that which is most high within yourself, what word would be wise to use to search for my answers for my highest good. Then click "find" and see what comes up and what it means to you.

4. You can check me out at from my Resume and short Story.

Interested in a Generic Spiritual Concepts?

Check out my picture of the spiritual world and the physical world metaphor.

What kind of generic concepts will facilitate peace and mental health? Check out this Generic Spiritual Concepts out and send me feedback by email address on card below.

Interested in a Lord's Prayer for post Redemption and current Holy Spirit?

Interested in what to ask your Doctors and Therapist? Check out this set of questions to ask to facilitate learning who you want to work with.

What is "Mental Illness"? The very animal experiments, that drug makers use, are my proof that mental illnesses come from some form of trauma. The drug makers have to traumatize their animals to use them as test subjects! There are not enough pre traumatized animals, to work with! This is one proof of my thesis that mental illness symptoms are mainly post traumatic stress symptoms, from some form of trauma. (c) Mike Foster, MA, 2010 See: http://ruby.zcommunications.org/marketing-serotonin-deficiency-by-stuart-bramhall

In the past I was going through the DSM-III-R Desk Reference a "disorder" at a time and commenting on the spiritual and recovery aspects. Doctors have taken about 60 symptoms and made over 600 labels. Symptoms are part of the solutions. The DSM is what the American Psychiatric Association uses to label symptoms to facilitate communication in their community and to look for patterns. Unfortunately, the labeling from the DSM can shut down communication, with those seeking temporary assistance, and spread the stigmas of mental illness. The DSM can also bring some comfort by telling some, that others have had similar experiences. I am adding additional comfort, by pointing to some spiritual exercises to start getting out of the "disorders". I am not writing about cures. I am writing about how the cure process works, over time. Instantaneous cures can be as traumatic, as the original event, that generated the disorder or illness. Instantaneous cures do not do us any good, when we get the same disorder back, since we have not changed the thought system, that caused the disorder in the first place.

What about this PickensPlan? Do we have another almost "Hydrogen Hoax" here?

For interesting books check http://RecoveryByDiscovery.com/books.htm For other soapbox issues see my soapbox for my grandchildren page.

For some new Links here.

I Foster Discovery for Recovery of the Life of Your Dreams!

When you would like ask questions, or contribute some of your wisdom, or want to make some comments or tell your success stories, write me something. I appreciate any feedback, questions and suggestions that you have. Use the e-mail address on the below card. When you are interested in specific subjects or everything tell me in your e-mail and you may get some email.

My Directory of Directories & Lists of Helpful Websites

I am continuing a my Directory of Directories. Please tell me your favorites.


I am starting a page on leadership. My first link is to some articles by Steven Covey. His book is in my recommended books library. Tell me what works for you.

Published since June 1996. This is past my twelth year anniversary, since starting my web pages. I started my daily page, because it is useful for me to keep learning and sharing recovery tips or secret for my own spiritual growth. We only need one secret to work on and let it work on us each day. They are secrets because they are usually the opposite of what the majority of society teaches. They must be secret, because they are not commonly used. A friend of mine once said "Common Sense is not much in Common.". Now that I have grandchildren, I am also writing for them. I would have really liked for my grandparents ,and my parents, to have passed on more of what they learned.


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