A Generic Spiritual Creed, for Working Towards Spiritual Peace Version 0.93 beta

A Generic Spiritual Creed, for Working Towards Spiritual Peace Version 0.93 beta

Michael Foster, MA

  1. Everyone is an equal child, spiritually, of the most high spirit.

    1. With equality, there is no reason for any power struggle.

    2. Equality is a requirement, for spiritual peace.

    3. Infinity is in the least of all of us.

    4. Infinity has been represented by many names like Jesus, Messiah, Nirvana, 12th Imam, ...

    5. Any part of infinity, is infinite.

  2. Everyone is at a different place on their spiritual journey. and they are:

    1. Going away from their spiritual home.

    2. Returning to their spiritual home.

  3. Everyone is doing the best they can.

    1. They are in their own tragedy or comedy or both.

    2. With what they know so far.

    3. With what they subconsciously know.

    4. With what they are unconscious of.

    5. That is why, we all are innocent.

    6. It is easier to forgive, when we know the above.

  4. We are still responsible, for whatever unconscious baggage we have in us.

    1. We do not know how much our judgment bag has.

    2. Our judgment bag is pushing and pulling us to do what we do.

    3. We do not fully know why we are doing it.

    4. Our ego, Edging God Out, will make up self serving reasons.

    5. When we have enough courage we can ask that which is most high what the real reasons are.

  5. Forgiveness of everything, no matter what, is a requirement for peace here.

      1. The most high has forgiven us, because the most high knows what we do not know.

      2. We get to approach that forgiveness, by our habits of forgiveness.

  6. Our baggage largely determines our fate.

    1. Our baggage is usually larger than our conscious mind.

    2. We can change our fate, by processing our baggage by any form of forgiveness.

    3. Part of our baggage has good stuff.

  7. We need guidance from the most high spirit.

    1. It does not matter if we believe there is a most high spirit.

    2. It does not matter what we call the most high spirit.

    3. It does matter if we ask what to do, how to do, when to do, what to think...

  8. This is a name calling planet, that teaches more blame than forgiveness, so far.

    1. Forgiving the names we upset ourselves about, helps our recovering processes.

    2. Forgiving ourself, others and God, processes our baggage.

    3. Forgiving leads to Acceptance, Compassion, Thankfulness, and Sensing Spirit. [FACTS]

    4. Any of these FACTS are useful.

  9. Forgiving events does not help as much, since all events are gone.

  10. Forgiving people does not help as much, since all names we judge them with, are still in us.

  11. How can I remove my Hot Buttons names on a Name calling planet?

    1. Example: I am forgiving myself for judging myself as an ignorant person.

    2. Generic: I am forgiving myself for judging [myself, others, or God] as [a or an] [Name] [person of people].

    3. Name = liar, loafer, loser, ignorant, incompetent, smart, strong, unfair, ...

    4. Our ego will try to put the words in the form of action words like lying, loafing, losing, messing up, hurting...

  12. The most high spirit is always at peace with itself, so it can not be upset or wrathful.

    1. Therefore, it is only an infinite ocean of love and mercy.

    2. Therefore, the more anger we have, the further we push ourselves from the most high.

  13. God's will is that we all have a good life, and learn from that, and love from that.

    1. We are the only ones in the way of experiencing our fully good life.

    2. We can keep asking the most high what to do to get us on track.

  14. We made the messes here, so we are responsible for cleaning them up.

    1. It would be wise, to ask what to do to clean up our messes.

    2. God makes our messes, blessings in disguise, but better to not have so many disguises.

    3. Everything is a blessing, or a blessing in disguise.

  15. The spiritual kingdom of the most high can not be stormed, we must be taken there.

    1. We need to be willing to totally forgive everything to be taken there.

    2. Total forgiveness is a requirement for peace in the kingdom of the most high.

  16. All are redeemed by the most high, but everyone still has to resolve their pains, fears, terrors, and anxieties.

    1. Acceptance of our process is needed.

    2. Acceptance the processes of others is needed.

    3. Our pains, fears, terrors and anxieties come from our conscious and unconscious angers.

    4. Compassion for our processes is needed.

    5. Compassion for the processes of others is needed.

  17. Everyone is upset by their judgments, to some degree.

    1. Upsets can determine our separation.

    2. Upsets blocks ourselves from that which is most high.

    3. This is why forgiveness in all forms is needed until we get it.

    4. We need to be ready to totally accept our pains to heal.

    5. Healing hurts and hurting heals.

    6. Having total compassion on everyone, helps recovering.

  18. Total Forgiving, Total Acceptance, Total Compassion, leads to the result of Total Thanks for everything.

    1. The clues to giving thanks for everything and forgiveness and mercy is directly and indirectly in most spiritual sources.

    2. We need to slow down, we have all the time we need to learn the lessons we need to learn.

      1. We learn faster, the slower we go.

      2. We get more of the presents, of the present this way.

      3. The answers are in the presents of the moment.

  19. The names we use are not critical, the spirit in which we use any names, is important.

  20. Better to be loving, than to be “right”.

  21. Better to ask the that which is most high what to do ourselves, than to tell the most high to do something for us.

    1. Better to ask how to get what we want, than to tell the most high to give it to us.

    2. Better to ask what we really want.

    3. Better to ask what to believe to be in the will of the most high.

    4. Better to always pray for the will of the most high and how to carry that out.

  22. Everyone and everything comes from that which is most high, and ultimately returns to that which is most high.

Note: How can I know the skill and habit of self forgiving is so important? After 2 years in our masters university program of making it a habit to forgive self and others, we were ready for rage work. Almost everyone found that their unexpressed rage became a unique transcendent experience at an altar that "altered" their life. That would not have happened without the habit of self forgiveness for this critical time. Doing rage work, without a habit of self forgiveness, is literally crazy and only teaches more rage. This is why I believe that Jesus told the Jews to forgive 70 times 7 when the Jews had a maximum of 7 times.

I found that forgiving what happened had no practical effect in any therapy, but forgiving the names, changed everything. Forgiving our judgments of words like lier, led to the heart of the matter. Even forgiving the opposites of the names, often produced dramatic healing, of the issue involved. I later found my answer to why it worked. It is because we hook our emotions on the words we used with emotion. Self forgiveness, starts the unraveling process towards peace.

The words are:

I am forgiving myself, for judging (myself or them or God), as (a or an) __ Name __ (person or people).

The issue is our judging. We know we have judged, by how upset we are. When we are totally at peace we are not judging, but then we are discerning. Like Jesus revealed, even when we judge others, we are judging ourselves and it is still self judgment. So, self forgiveness is always required, to clear our self judgments. The ego [Edging God Out] will find any rational it can, including any theology, to just not say, and mean, these words of forgiving the names we use. That is one of the traps of the ego.

© 18 March 2007

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