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Monday 26 August 2002

The Good Life is helping others, when you can.

We have a local man in Frederick Maryland, that has been given the Richard C. Jewell treatment by our FBI and the Justice Department.  We do not know him, but his name is Steven J. Hatfill, and if he also turns out to be innocent, I want our government to make amends, to make him whole again.  

My wife and I were watching the news shortly after 9/11 and there was a small story of someone who jumped off a bridge that was a microbiologist.  We wondered then, if he jumped because he could have been the one that sent the deadly mail.  Then we saw a story that the deadly mail had gone through a New Jersey mailbox, and my wife remembered that he came from New Jersey.  We wondered if our FBI and Justice Department will look at that connection.  That may not help Mr Hatfill, since the dead man's places would most likely have had everything disposed of, if he did not do it himself before he jumped.

P.S. 8.27.2002.  Mr. Hatfill has been designated "A person of interest", but the one that could have committed suicide over guilt, has been designated not a person of interest.  But, there are people on the Internet that track people of interest, even when our FBI lose interest, or perhaps focus.  Perhaps we need to look for groups of interest.

Tuesday 27 August 2002

The Good Life is working towards peace where there are more options.

Why is it important that our FBI, sometimes is more judgmental than discerning?  Because they are less effective, when they are more judgmental.  So are we.

When I upset myself, and I only upset myself when I am judgmental about something, I lose sight of most of my options.  In the mideast, between the Jews and Arabs, they have lost sight of options, like our current administration has lost sight of options.

Some en·vi·ron·men·tal·ist and their opposition have lost track of options.

Wednesday 28 August 2002

The Good Life is about finding how to reduce negativity and increase spirit.

Some negativity comes from divisive issues.  There are divisive issues like "abortion", that could be called "deciding not to make a lifetime commitment, to raising a baby to a healthy and capable adult" or deciding for "adoption", but not everyone is chosen to be adopted.  So, where do I stand?

I am both pro choice and pro life.  I do not see any need for negativity over this "issue", when we are ready to think deep enough.

Some of those that are pro choice on "abortion", are often not pro choice on many other issues.   Some of those that are pro choice, are for expanding government, except for issues like "abortion".  When we pick a polar position, it is difficult to be consistent. 

Some of those that are pro life on "abortion", are often not pro life on many other issues.  Some of those that are pro life, are also for limited government, except for issues like "abortion" and their agendas.  When we pick a polar position, it is difficult to be consistent.

How can I really be both pro choice, and also be pro life?  I can, because I do see, how both points of view have a positive point of view.   Pro choice is pro life, and pro life is pro choice.  When you are really pro choice you are celebrating life by choosing what life offers.  When you are really pro life you have to celebrate choosing as a life affirmative value.

When you are really pro life you would be supporting all pro life policies.  You would be supporting public day care through college, so women could more easily choose a lifetime commitment to raising a baby to a healthy and capable adult.  You would be supporting facilitating the father participating in the life of his children and their support.  You would be facilitating healthy families.  This would be pro choice and pro life.  You would be supporting life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  But so far, we keep hearing we are a rich country from those with the riches that are usually against this kind of pro life support.

When you are really pro choice you would be supporting all pro choice policies.  You would be supporting getting rid of as much government control as possible.  This would be pro choice and pro life.  You would be supporting life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  But so far, those that are pro choice have supported expanding government control, at least for their agendas.

Since both polar philosophies have their polar agendas, we all end up parts of both agendas, therefore with more government control over our lives.  With a balanced and positive approach, we can let the state wither away, before any communist dictatorship could wither away.

Thursday 29 August 2002

The Good Life is learning how life works.

It is rare for two people to agree on ALL things.  It is not rare for two to agree on SOME things.  In fact, some of the things that they do not agree, on can have common ground at a higher level.  Does that not suggest a process, ways to expand their common ground?

I can be supportive of what others want, that I would not want for me.  The trick is, to find others that also can be supportive of what I want, even though they would not want that, for themselves.

The problem is that most of us think, that others "should" think, like them.  The truth is that we rarely do think like each other, hence we create conflicts.  When we are open minded about others, and open minded about ourselves, we can find more peace.  The most open minded is God, who is totally at peace.

Friday 30 August 2002

The Good Life is about learning as you go.

It is better to spray weed killer on the weeds, than to put weed killer on all the grass.  So it is with my mind.

There is a problem with the battles over God.  The religions that have their God in them, have brought more suffering to our world per believer, than the Buddhist that have no God.  Perhaps they doth protest too much.  Perhaps their fighting is just compensation for their unconscious doubts.

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