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Zdnet and CNET used to cater to beginners.  Now, they are more interested in those with more money.  There may be some information left at CNET's  You may also be interested in free web tools indexed at   I have found a great place to check out web resources [programs] on line at is the "NCSA (at UIUC) Beginner's Guide to HTML". [rev 07.22.2002]

Although there are many helping places, one of the best places is in your home or business, where you can just learn by your own experience.  

When you are interested in learning from what I have learned so far, in developing these pages, read on.

I am now developing and maintaining my pages with AOLpress 2.0 32 bit version for Win 95.  AOLpress 2.0 used to be Navipress 1.23.  The current 1.23 version was also good, although over time the htm files got too large and would lock up, but it had good templates and image files.  AOLpress 2.0 fixed the 1.23 problems. AOLpress 2.0 is starting to have problems with new additions. It works fine off line, but on line it gets zapped by some of the new stuff. I solved that by going to Tools, Preferences, General, and then clicking on Never Load in the HTML choices. You can use MS Front Page Express 2.02 that comes free with MS Internet Explorer 5, and it works find on line. I tried out MS Front Page 98 beta and found it took some learning to use.  I still prefer the simpler intuitive AOLpress for the time being.  I have yet to exploit all of AOLpress 2.0.

AOLpress is available on America On Line with version 2.0 for Win 95.  The keyword is aolpress.  I like the 2.0 version.  I noticed that Ziffnet now had AOLpress 2.0 for download and the price is free.  It serves as an AOL advertisement for AOL and their other services.  You can also download your own copy by going to my registration page and filling out what you really want to fill out.  Like with God, you will not be rejected, no matter what, except when the server is down.  :))  

Another reason that I like AOLpress is that it will make a jpg image from my computer screen or any image I copy from any program, while most of my graphics programs will not do this.

You can have 10 megs of space on AOL for your pages.  I am now at about 10 megs between AOL and Prodigy and my new web host had 200megs and is now advertising 300megs. Plus there is expanding free space to be used.

I use AOL for some uses and AOL's File Transport Protocol [FTP] utility, that is not as user friendly as most FTP programs or Prodigy Classic.  I have used AOLpress to upload some pages to AOL, but I have not done it enough to get all the bugs out.  I may be the bug.

You could use with their free web page developer and free support community and free hosting.

The freeware FTP that I love is LeechFTP done by a young boy. The shareware FTP Explorer program that I like second best so far is "FTP Explorer" when I can not get through with any other FTP program. However WS_FTP95LE is more user friendly for doing what I need to do and is free to us Prodigy customers.  "FTP Explorer Version 1 build 010" will work when "WS_FTP95LE Version" will not.  The Front Page Express FTP works fine, a page at a time.

I used to like to use Classic Prodigy to maintain my backup pages.   The reason is that Classic Prodigy has a user friendly utility for updating my pages and I know how to use their forms capability.  I could also use it for backup since I did not need my internet ISP to get through. Unfortunately Prodigy is phasing out Classic by the end of this year using Y2K as their excuse.

I now have a cost effective place with 200 megs to host my pages with my own address for at  I will be experimenting with audio and video and the other services they have when I get to that priority, so my 200 or 300 megs space may fill quickly when I learn this medium.  

You can get a great free checkup of your links and HTML page by page at , "Doctor HTML" at and at   NetMechanic - Free Web Site Tune-Ups! Link and HTML testing, Server Reliability Testing

There is also a GIF animator Lite program and image viewer/converter and other stuff at [may be gone at 6/6/03]

I have a local bookstore I liked, called "Computer Literacy".  They recently changed their on line name to :)) and I like the humor of that.  I have applied to their affiliates program have been accepted.  They recently sold out to Barnes and Nobel and cancelled their affiliates program in February 2002.

When you have questions, updates to my information, click my name below, and ask away.  I may not know, I may tell you where to go, or I may know so.  :))

Web Hosts

There are many places to put up your web pages for free, when you do not mind ads.  Homestead went to 5$ per month.

Some other examples are here.

Web Statistics had free web statistics for our sites.  My host has statistics as well as others, but you may be interested in comparing your statistics, or just getting statistics when you do not have any available. [10.23.2001]

Web Checking had checks for your web site response time and your ISP speed.

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