Grace comes free, so why not some other free stuff.  Actually each free item wants something in return.  Sometimes only gratitude.  The price of admission for grace, is giving grace.  When you are interested in learning more about grace, and improving your mental health and life with a free daily hint, click on my card below.

Some things do cost money, but can be cost effective. I am starting a fee page for them.

There is usually a small price of admission, advertising, and there is a trend to ads as the engine that runs the net, just like newspapers, magazines, radio, television, movies and all other media.  Here is an example:  This is a free Windows virus checkup called "HouseCall":

We will find more free programs that are run on the net, when we link to them on the net.  There are also many new free programs that download ads from the net.  Then you can check out your software for updates at

Other Sources of Free Stuff and Offers.

Career Tips:

Communication Tools: Like Fax and E-Mail and Voice Services and Talk Radio



Internet Service Providers: Where the FREE ISP's have their own page.


On Line Books:

Recovery By Discovery Downloads:

Searching: My current list of search engines and directories.

Site Names:

Setup Your Shop:   Seen any free startup ones lately?  The action seems to have gone to eBay and Amazon for a fee that has been worth the price of admission. 

Software Indexes:

Storage Space On Line: Places to back up your data remotely.


Telephone: Places to call online to regular phones. [05.23.00]

Valuable Programs:

Paid Web Surfing: Just click Here. [new for 13 Sep 99]

On Line Stock Trading:

Web Site Devlopment:

Windows' News & Tips:

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